VQCodes is one of the most creative and experienced mobile app development companies in india.

About Us

VQ Codes has a team of well-trained web developers, Google certified digital marketers, expert engineers and creative designers that help startups, web agencies and creatives bring their ideas to life. Many have rated VQ Codes as a top web development company in India due to our ability to offer unique value-added IT services with today’s modern technologies, SEO improvements, and revenue-generating strategies to clients all over India. Our policies are customer-driven and we invest a lot of time and effort to ensure that we deliver only the best to our clients.

What we offer

We develop market-leading websites and provide a wide range of mobile and web development services for your brand.

Web Development

We are a leading website development company with development centres in Tricity, Chandigarh, Mohali.

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UX Design

The UX design of a website or website application determines the experience of people while using the website.

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Digital Marketing

Also called online marketing, digital marketing is the advertisement of products and services by brands using the internet or digital strategies.

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CMS Solutions

Content Management System is computer software used to manage the generation and refinement of digital content.

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QA & Testing

Quality Assurance Testing, popularly known as QA testing, improves the software development process to make it efficient and effective.

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Mobile App Development

At VQ Codes, we have a very specific method by which mobile apps are developed and designed.

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Who Choose us?

Your business success built on a powerful customer experience platform

We guarantee the security of all information provided to us. To provide maximum security we implement security testing, encrypt sensitive user data, keep our software updated, sanitise user input, apply authentication and access control, use rigorous quality assurance and testing, avoid security misconfigurations and are proactive enough to keep up with the bad guys.

We give you transparent control of your information. This means you have legal rights and holistic control over every piece of information and data elements that you provide or set of data elements. You are the rightful owner of all data assets and are in full charge of the acquisition, use and distribution of all information.

At VQ Codes we understand that we play a big role in protecting our clients as well as the users of the website we have developed. We know that protecting our clients is part of our job and we are educated on all matters regarding website security and privacy to ensure a better service and guarantee the privacy of our clients.

What our clients say about VqCodes

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  • The support from VqCodes when we needed a web development company was impressive. Their level of organisation and professionalism helped our company to achieve its goals. We look forward to working with them in our next project and highly recommend them to anyone seeking software development services.



  • Just outstanding! Our mobile app was developed excellently. They worked with us all the way and were very reliable and committed to the project. The team was very strategic and thought outside the box to execute the job. Not to mention, the job was completed very quickly. Thank you.



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Having a website is crucial to the success of most businesses. However, you may need to develop a mobile app that allows you to develop UX designs that create a mobile customer-friendly interface. This is particularly important if your website is not mobile-friendly. Even if you have a website that is mobile-friendly, it is still advisable that you develop an app as most consumers prefer using apps to websites. This is evidenced by a study from

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