Having a website is crucial to the success of most businesses. However, you may need to develop a mobile app that allows you to develop UX designs that create a mobile customer-friendly interface. This is particularly important if your website is not mobile-friendly. Even if you have a website that is mobile-friendly, it is still advisable that you develop an app as most consumers prefer using apps to websites. This is evidenced by a study from Compuware that suggests that there was an 85% consumer preference of apps over websites.

They cited convenience, speed and ease as reasons for their preference.


  • The SEO of your website

Most people use mobile devices to connect to the internet. This implies that a mobile app will boost your website’s rank on search engines. Google always provides results that are optimised on the devices the user is using. Since most people use mobile devices, Google presents the app as an app pack to the users.

  • It is an avenue to provide push notifications to customers.

With a mobile app for your business, you can send notifications about new posts, specials, offers and many other things to your customers and they could receive these notifications without even opening the app as the notification alerts display on the user's screen. This is a great way to build brand loyalty for your business for existing users.

  • It affords your customers an avenue to link your app with other functionalities on their phones.

Unlike a website, using a mobile app helps your customers link your app with other functionalities on their phones. This could be their camera, contacts, GPS or data. As a result, your customers get a more personalised, engaging and seamless experience.

  • Your customers have the opportunity of accessing the app even if they are offline.

Unlike a website that requires a steady connection to the internet, a mobile app can be designed to function without a steady connection. This is especially important when customers have bad or no connection to the internet and still want to 'visit your business'.

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