Digital marketing also called online marketing is the promotion of products and services to get in touch with potential customers via the internet. However, digital marketing comes with risks and one of them is cybersecurity threats. When handled carelessly, it could ruin the marketing efforts of a business and compromise vital company data and information. In this article, we will discuss five ways to overcome cybersecurity challenges in digital marketing. They include;

  • Identifying security risks early enough

This is arguably the most important way to solve cybersecurity challenges. Your company must have a cybersecurity team and all employees of the company must be educated on cybersecurity risks and how to avoid suspicious links or websites. Periodical tests on identifying security risks must be conducted and background and security checks are done for all employees. You must also explicitly communicate the potential negative impact a cyber incident could have on the company.

  • Backing up data regularly

Data losses can be unpredictable and can occur for various kinds of reasons (including ransomware attacks or hard drive damage) which could cost your company a lot of money and sensitive marketing data. This is why regular data backup is very crucial to your company to help you retrieve important files if they get lost. This backup must be stored in a secured separate system.

  • Use strong passwords and protect them

Strong passwords help secure your company's data, files and information. Experts advise using a password that contains alphabets, numbers and symbols with at least 8 characters. It is also not advisable to reuse a password for multiple accounts or input your password into unfamiliar sites. Remember to also update your password as regularly as possible. You can also use a password manager as it can be instrumental in keeping track of all your passwords so you do not forget them.

  • Enable Two-Step Authentication

A second way of verification (two-step authentication) helps to fight against brute-force techniques of password hacking. It involves generating a one-time password from a secret key which could be in the form of a code sent to your phone or email. For better security, you can use an authenticator app.

  • Use a VPN

A virtual private network popularly called a VPN provides online privacy and anonymity by developing a private network from a general internet connection. A VPN offers secure connections and privacy more than a WiFi hotspot. It gives you a temporary IP address that makes people see a different IP address from your original IP address making it impossible for anyone to know the origin of your connection. It could help protect your company's data, files information and marketing activities. Some VPNs are also instrumental in blocking malicious trackers and ads.